Inspired can call upon a recognised brand of over 60 years experience for a large variety of lighting sources suited to each customer.

Luxram strive for reliability, stability and safety when producing and distributing their goods and have become a worldwide supplier.

From traditional light sources to patented LED products, all raw materials go through quality control by definite testing procedures, with a recorded and traceable system.

They are environmentally minded, starting from product development with ultra-sonic melting technology, which improves safety and reduces pollution.

This continues to their end product, with their LED ranges capable of up to 90 per cent energy savings with a lifespan of up to 45,000 hours in power LED, SMD LED and deco LED.

Their wide range of compact fluorescent lamps outperform their traditional incandescent and halogen counterparts and are stable in most surroundings.

They come in linear and circular shapes and tri-phosphor powder ensures the tubes benefit from a high CRI.

Amalgam technology has been applied to their compact fluorescent without ballast product, too, to withstand wide temperatures.

The Luxram style range features Kaleido LED, CrystaLED and 2020 LED bulbs, all of which are an excellent source of deco light.

Their TechTouch Intego collection are all energy saving recessed downlights, with high quality aluminium casing.

Many more fine products are available at For more information, call their UK sales office on 01706 620 077.

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