Holloways of Ludlow: The Magical Alchemist Collection

The Alchemist Collection by Holloways of Ludlow is the latest in a collaboration between Derbyshire based lighting designer Gwyn Carless and Lancashire based lighting specialists suppliers, The Light yard.


Gwyn Carless has been delivering unique and eye-catching lighting solutions since establishing Gywn Carless Designs in 1995. First teaming up with The Light Yard in 2012, the team went on to launch The Alchemist Collection in March of 2015 at The Hotel Design Summit London. Since then the collection has gone from strength to strength.



Almost instantly your attention is grabbed by the strikingly unique styles and premium craftsmanship. Each of these exclusively designed pieces houses the latest in LED filament bulb technology in a hand cut glass casing.



The case not only adds to the look of the completed piece but can be ordered in a variety of styles to change how the light acts in its surroundings. A smoked glass or copper leaf variant offers up a softer, more subtle glow whereas the reeded glass playfully illuminates patterns of light around the room.



Appearing in a range of styles from pendants and wall lights as well as table and floor lamps these mythology inspired pieces can be installed throughout the house from the bedroom to the bathroom, dining room to the dressing room.   


The Alchemist Collection is one of the many available ranges found at Holloways of Ludlow that can be found on their website:



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