Heckmondwike are happy to demonstrate how their range of commercial carpets stand out from the crowd when put to good use.

The fibre bonded carpet and carpet tile manufacturers are made in the UK and believe their distinctive designs and products give them a unique identity.

Not only do they catch the eye, their carpets are renowned for their durability and Heckmondwike vow they will not ravel or fray, however tough the conditions.

They also supply the public sector and are well known for value and durability, but their latest products are as much about fashion as function.

Heckmondwike have reported a rise in demand for carpet planks in commercial surroundings, as designers and specifiers attempt to outdo each other for innovation.

Carpet planks are becoming increasingly popular and considered trendy, as a proper alternative to the wooden floor look. They are sold in the standard 25cm x 100cm size.

They can be used alongside other types of flooring such as sheet or tiles and five popular ranges contain a host of colour options that are vibrant.


Heckmondwike offer any number of choices across the Supacord, Broadrib, Iron Duke, Night Sky and Array ranges.

The Supacord is the most popular and has an A plus BRREEAM rating, so it’s environmentally friendly. Any one of its 42 colours will retain lustre for years to come.

The Array has a mid-width rib design with a charcoal background, supplemented by a subtle linear pattern. It’s offered in 12 colours.

Broadrib has a wide structure for a defined contrast in its texture, over 24 colours, and co-ordinates through its carpet tiles with the Array’s stylish design for a solid shade.

Iron Duke provides endless creative design possibilities within its planks, because of its flat finish that can be cut easily on-site for specific purposes.

The Night Sky carpet plank is a twist on a traditional plain tile. Made with a charcoal colourway bases, nine accent colours are punched through to create the effect.

There’s a blank canvas to work with when considering Heckmondwike’s carpet planks, where their colour schemes come together to suit their surroundings.

Check out www.heckmondwike-fb.co.uk to see what they can do for you or call them on 01924 406 161. Alternatively, email sales@heckmondwike-fb.co.uk.

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