The Oscar chair design range by Gresham are chic and highly customisable.

Each part of the chairs have been considered in terms of comfort for the user, ergonomics and sustainability.

The design’s support for physical health includes pelvic and lumbar support with a great emphasis on the user’s comfort.

The options for colour customisation for the end-user are seemingly endless.

The multiple options include shades of black through to white for the Base, Hub and Body, shades of subtle orange and yellow for the rim with an addition of a teal blue for the Mesh.

For the wheel castors there is a choice of Soft, Brake Un-loaded Castors, Soft Brake Un-loaded Castors and standard. While the actual seat comes with a spectrum of colour options.

The contemporary style, ergonomic features and the care for sustainability and awareness of recycling capabilities, makes this range of Oscar chairs highly respectable.

Choosing a chic chair from the Oscar range will make you stand out in the workplace. Their clean and simple design means that you can feel at ease throughout the working day.

You are able to try out the customisation options on Gresham’s website here:

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