Future proofing with the Loox System

Over the past 90 years, Häfele have proven time and again that ‘visionary entrepreneurial spirit’ is at the heart of their innovative products and solutions. As an industry leading global manufacturer and supplier, Häfele pride themselves on the quality, functionality and design of their products. A great example of this is Häfele’s own brand lighting system, Loox. This incredibly simple, modular plug-and-play system offers a high level of design flexibility and makes it easier than ever to integrate LED lighting into furniture design. Read more about  the Loox Lighting System in our previous article The Loox LED Lighting System for Al your Specification Needs.

Extensive testing

But the ease of use and multi-functionality of the system is only part of the story. Every product manufactured by Häfele undergoes extensive testing according to international standards. Häfele are so confident about the superior quality and durability of their own brand product ranges that they now offer a Lifetime Guarantee across six of these ranges, including Loox.

Häfele Lifetime Guarantee

All products that carry the Häfele Lifetime Guarantee have met stringent quality standards and have been tested according to the relevant industry certification to the point that Häfele are confident that the product will function as intended, with no loss of operational quality, for the guaranteed lifetime of that product. The period of guarantee ranges from 25 years for furniture fittings to 7 years for the Loox lighting system. These lifetimes are based on the findings of a panel, made up from customers and members of the in-house team , to fully understand the level of guarantee customers expected across the range of products.


Guaranteeing reliability in use is an important factor in new technologies and Häfele has set high standards for the selection of materials for its Loox products, with all materials constantly tested and certified internationally.. Loox LEDs are also tested and sorted for colour, luminous flux and forward voltage . By selecting only the highest quality LED’s, Häfele is able to ensure maximum durability, energy efficiency and replacement quality. And with an extensive list of quality criteria to meet, Häfele can guarantee reliable products and long-term customer satisfaction.

Most lighting manufacturers offer a maximum of a 5-year guarantee on their   but so confident are Häfele in the durability and energy efficiency of the Loox system, that they offer 7 years of Lifetime Guarantee on all Loox products, reinforcing their industry leading status


Cost-effective longevity

This, coupled with the ease of use in the modular, plug-and-play aspect of the Loox system, means that manufacturers have complete confidence in the longevity of the products installed in their furniture designs. Should a product need replacing, the fact that only that module needs to be replaced, and not the entire lighting system, also ensures the most cost-effective solution in the long term.

For more information on Häfele and Loox products and the lifetime guarantee , please go the Häfele Own Brand Brochure.





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