Feel Sky-High with Skyline’s Range of Outdoor Furniture

Whatever the establishment, whatever the need, allow Skyline’s outdoor furniture range to transform your business.

The days are beginning to get warmer, the Beast from the East has left us, and our eyes gaze steadily more out of the window, perhaps across the eighteen holes of our golf club or outdoor bar of our hotel. Perhaps as a business owner, when looking out of the window you realise that the outdoor furniture in your establishment is no longer fit for use –the wood has become rotten, the cushions uncomfortable, and the overall appearance quite unsettling. Allow us to introduce you to Skyline’s outdoor furniture, perfect for hot summer days and the accompanying long, calm evenings. Your patrons will love the sleek design and comfortable support.


Colony Bay Resort


Supplying their products to hotels such as Singapore’s Azur Resort, the Miramar Hotel in France, and Al Maya Resort in Abu Dabi, Skyline provides a range which is suited to any environment. The Castries Sofa Day Bed for example allows for maximum comfort, supported by the heavy wicker frame, backed with thick cushions and much like all of Skyline’s products they’re low maintenance. About the care that is needed to upkeep their outdoor furniture, Skyline says, “the only maintenance required is the occasional cleaning”.


The Castries Sofa Day Bed


While the Castries sofa day bed is for full relaxation as the sun sets and you begin the snoozy evening, the Chatham Sofa gives guests the chance to be at their most social, while also remaining incredibly comfortable. Skyline describe this range as, “something compact but with lots of comfort”. These chairs, complete with the table, would be perfect for an evening game of cards accompanied with laughter and fond memories.


The Chatham Sofa Range


While the Castries sofa day bed sits at the top of the comfort scale, and the Chatham Sofa gives users the social enjoyment, it is the Ibiza Corner Group that combines the extra comfort with the practicality of numbers. Perfect for people to stretch out on while perhaps discussing how beautiful the weather is.


Ibiza Corner Group


There is no better feeling than becoming lost in a good book and so the comfort and practicality of Skyline’s extensive outdoor furniture range makes this completely possible.


For product information, as well as the full catalogue of products, visit Skyline’s website:


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