Dream Stylish with Metal by Deralam


Based in Wigan, Deralam’s family run business provides high-quality melamine-faced boards – panels created using high pressure heat bonding which become water resistant and offer a fashionable solution to any interior projects. When it comes to these building boards, nobody does it quite like Deralam, and so it is our duty, nay, our honour to introduce the product range known as Homapal Metal, coming in 90 different décors and creating a stunning look for whatever project.

The laminates consist of thinly rolled aluminium, brass, stainless steel, and copper which in some instances are finished by hand. With such a wide variety of looks to choose from – cool, professional tones; to rich and warm ambience, Deralam seek to satisfy any tastes and provide your project with the perfect appearance. By offering a complete range of styles, materials, and colours these panels can lend themselves to both modern and classic themes.



When it comes to choosing the correct style of product for you, Deralam and Homapal not only offer a stylish-looking solution, it also provides fire safety. The panels are fire retardant which means you can use them, safe in the knowledge that they comply with both of the International Maritime Organisation standards.



If, however, your design project requires something a little more rustic in appearance, boards which aren’t backed with metal, Hompal have used a series of Veneers to create beautiful wooden effects, suitable, much like the different metals, for many varying projects.



The wooden finish seems to create a warm environment, somewhere that people feel instantly welcome and comfortable. These panels would look fantastic combined with industrial-looking lighting in a modern design project. For those with sustainability always in the back of their head, Hompal say “all used timber comes from lasting controlled areas”. But how does the process work to craft such a product, we hear you ask:


“For the production of reconstituted veneers, peeled veneers from poplar, koto and ayous wood are partly dyed, re-joined together in layers and pressed to a block from which the reconstituted veneers are sliced.”


Whatever your project and whatever the constraints that you find yourself working with, Deralam’s new stocked product range from Hompal is perfect for intimate spaces or wide, luxurious areas which need some style on the walls.


For more information about these product ranges and the company themselves, visit:


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