David Clouting can protect your furniture in all sorts of environments as a leading distributor of films that suit a host of purposes.

Interior film provided by David Clouting has played its part in many refurbishments from shops, restaurants, hotels and airports.

But never been has it been used on a luxury superyacht, which changed when the quality of the product was brought to the attention of the Wild Group.

They are an exterior and interior vinyl finishing company who specialise in yachts and worked on the classic Feadship vessel.

David Clouting is the UK’s leading distributor of LG Hausys’ interior film, which is versatile enough to be applied to most interior surfaces.

Interior film was used to cover a series of staircases that lead to rooms below deck, with its flexibility fitting around complex shapes.

It’s hard wearing and easy to clean and maintain and remains stable even when exposed to heat, humidity or low temperatures. It’s air free technology makes for a bubble free surface.

It’s available in a range over 400 designs and finishes and is CE and IMO certified, so can be specified with confidence.

Check out www.davidclouting.co.uk to see what they can do for you or call them on 01376 518 037. Alternatively, email marketing@davidclouting.co.uk.

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