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Cubicle Works are determined to keep expanding at pace as more and more customers turn to them from practical washroom solutions.

All designs are carefully made in house, with quality and speed managed effectively, to provide a first-class service.

The Lancashire-based are the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of bespoke WC cubicles, shower cubicles, duct panels, vanity units, lockers and benches.

Clients can have products tailor made through CAD drawings and Cubicle Works can produce entire washroom solutions.

The Forte WC is their most popular because of its durability, but the Vitesse WC is both cost effective and decorative.

The Elegance WC has a wide selection of decors and core material, but also utilises a moisture resistant MDF and is finished with high-pressure laminate.

The Elan Executive WC is an upgrade with a profiled aluminium facade, along with titanium textured hardware. Satin Anodised aluminium fittings are as standard.

Their shower rooms and cubicles have been implemented at home or in commercial settings, such as leisure clubs and swimming pools.

The Forte cubicles can withstand water saturation and changes in temperature and compact grade laminate options are recommended. Stainless steel fittings are also available.

Their decorative duct panels are used to conceal cisterns and pipework and accommodate WC, WHB, urinal, cubicle and vanity unit installations. They are supplied pre-assembled.

Vanity units are produced to the client’s required and are fully framed with returned ends as required, with centrally fixed panels for easy assembly.

Their best sellers accompany countertop and semi-recessed basins but troughs, constructed from either solid surface or stainless steel, are also popular.

They also produce lockers, which can be supplied in various configurations and sizes and nested in sets.

Lockers are aluminium bodied with compact grade laminate doors and cam locks are as standard in educational surroundings, with a coin return alternative for leisure clubs.

Check out www.cubicleworks.co.uk to see what they can do for you or call them on 01695 713 200. Alternatively, email sales@cublicleworks.co.uk.

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