Cube move with the times and that means focussing on the LED products that are dominating the marketplace.

LED is fast moving and game changing technology within the lighting industry, from which forward-thinking companies are developing a vast array of uses.

A genuine equivalent to traditional light sources, comparable to 50 Watt Halogen and even 35 Watt Metal Halide bulbs, are now dominating the marketplace.

Such systems can mean huge savings, in comparison, and switching to low energy bulbs is an easy way to reduce carbon emissions.

Demand for LED products has soared as a result and Cube has experienced success in this area through their Fluxline range.

Longevity, modularity, flexibility, customisation and ease of installation are all key components of these products.

Mid-power chips in the Printed Circuit Board deliver over 100,000 hours life and the LED PCBs are identical, so the gamut and hue of the different luminaires stay the same.

The range includes wide and collimating distributions, that are available with high power and IP versions suitable for exterior use.

Designs have recessed channelling with plaster in that can be trimmed, so the clip fix makes the luminaire discreet. The cables are stored away, but the remote drivers are still supported.

LED modules can be assembled quickly from stocked components to meet the customer’s expectations as specified. Future technology can also be incorporated down the line.

All of the Fluxline products come in either polyurethane or PVC, which is environmentally friendly and bendable, while still creating a line of light.

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