Crystal and neon: North American lighting avant garde

We’re living in an era of cool, statement-making designs that make up for decades of underwhelming lighting options. Even LEDs have started to shed their lackluster early versions, which means the entire category is a Renaissance.


Two designers are proving that point.


San Francisco-based Jonathan Browning has mastered the art of illumination with a collection of handcrafted, beguiling designs that have made him a favourite among interior designers and architects.


His latest creation, the Glacon table lamp, is an entirely new take for Browning. The bulb “…appears to smoulder inside the thick encasing of block crystal,” he says. “The idea was to capture this ‘burning’ filament in a block of ice. Heat surrounded by cold. Fire and ice.”


Los Angeles-based Carrie Livingston has a no-fear attitude with colour, pattern and luxury design; her approach is sculptural.


She has found a way to create something kicky and utilitarian with neon, while giving it a fresh interpretation within the interiors world. “I want to make neon more exciting and artistic,” she says.


Her ultra-custom pieces that pair neon with polycarbonate, mirror, or Luciteare all made in L.A., and she has also designed funky objects like illuminated scissors and barcodes—each meant to hold their own cultural weight.


“I want everything I design and create to be the most exciting thing in the space,” she says.


Adapted from an article originally published in Robb Report, written by ARIANNE NARDO

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