Contrac have been keeping their lighting products and solutions in house for over 30 years but continue to move with the times.

The company class themselves as a ‘genuine’ UK lighting manufacturer, having always made their products in their homeland since 1986.

Their policy is to keep all areas of their operation at their base and have a flexible workforce of more than 40 people, who have experience of handling projects to deadline.

They have the capabilities to design, punch, roll, form, powder coat, wire and test under the same roof in Goole, East Yorkshire.

They produce fittings to customer specifications or alter existing fittings from their range as the situation dictates.

Reducing energy consumption through efficiency is always Contrac’s target and they worked for Stagecoach UK at their bus depots with this in mind.

Many of the depots were still using old 250w SON fittings that were on for 20 hours a day, seven days a week.

Stagecoach estimated 50 per cent occupancy levels in their depots and were measured at an electricity rate of 0.08.

Those lighting levels were still needed, but Contrac have saved them over £39,000 a year by using four lamp 54w fittings, which had daylight and occupancy sensors.

They were commissioned for 33 depots and exceeded all expectations, with Stagecoach also pleased with the quality of light, moving from orange to high quality white.

Check out to see what they can do for you or call them on 01405 766 550. Alternatively, email

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