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When it comes to carpeting a creative space, you may think you’ve completely considered everything once you’ve chosen the carpet, however there is one thing perhaps missing, something integral to the longevity of the carpet, as well as the overall comfort and lasting quality: Underlay.

In the 1940s, just as the Second World War drew to a close, it was realised that carpets in homes wore out much faster if there was nothing underneath. Furthermore, the overall springiness and comfort could be enhanced with a sheet of material placed under the carpet, as well as giving sound reducing benefits. Duralay founded the first company to do this in the UK, and together with Tredaire, under the Victoria PLC group with Interfloor, they continue to provide better products to ensure that their brand stands out.

One thing which Interfloor in Yorkshire stand for, as well as quality, is sustainability. Since 2008, the company has increased the proportion of recycled materials that they use from 16% to more than 70%. They understand their environmental responsibility, so when you plan your interior project, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re using a company who reduced their factory emissions by 90%.

Considering your underlay options, you must understand the requirements and suitability of your project. The four main materials and methods used are listed below, all with unique properties and varying suitability, which have evolved over time.

Sponge Rubber

As the most traditional and common form of underlay, sponge rubber provides arguably the most comfort of any underlay material, acting as a cushion underfoot. This style of underlay would most likely suit a project where comfort is the main goal, somewhere where shoes are kicked off and relaxation is key.

Polyurethane Foam

Being lightweight, this material offers ease of installation and transport. All polyurethane foam underlay falls under the Tredaire brand which guarantees comfort. The ideal project for this underlay material might be a large project, one that involves a large amount of underlay which perhaps needs to be transported efficiently.


Crumb Rubber

This underlay comes from used car tyres, which means that it is 100% recycled. The underlay is also the only material which can achieve 100% recovery from loading and is most suited to a hard-wearing environment. Due to its dense quality, the crumb rubber is perfectly suited for noise cancellation.

Latex Foam

The use of latex foam as underlay brings with it a unique property. Due to its makeup of rubber particles dispersed in water, the mix becomes self-extinguishing. This flame-retardant property is present because as the material heats up, the alumina trihydrate within breaks down to form water. As well as its fire-resistant composite, the material is famously anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant, giving it multiple unique qualities, as well as bringing comfort underfoot.

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