Chinese skyscraper challenges nature with a 108-metre high artificial waterfall

Avant-garde architecture surprises every day with new exciting and risky projects come true. Challenging the heights, the atmospheric conditions and, even, incorporating elements of nature that are simmered with the architecture itself.


This is the case of this exciting project located in China that, with 121 metres of altitude, has incorporated as the main element of the facade a cascade of water that can today be considered one of the highest artificial waterfalls in the world, and the tallest to be included in a building. This dramatic water feature is 108-metre-high.


The impressive building has been developed by Ludi Industry Group and although it is not yet completed, the waterfall has been functional for the past two years. Named the Liebain International Building, the tall tower is located in Guiyang, southwest China.


The full details about the tower are not yet available but it will be part of a complex that includes another equal tower. In the towers will be placed offices and a luxury hotel, while in the podium building will house a shopping centre.


The purpose of this creation is “He (the architect) wanted to create a feeling of water and greenery, even when you are surrounded by skyscrapers”, said to the Independent Newspaper.


The Liebain International Building has become in one of several new constructions set to open soon in Asia with large-scale water features.


The world’s tallest artificial waterfall, the 165-metre high Cascata delle Marmore in Umbria was created by the ancient Romans.



Images courtesy of AFP/Getty Images.

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