Caring Designs from Just Imagine Interiors


Life can be scary at times, it can throw up unexpected items into our metaphorical bagging area, but when these things lead to us being looked after by professionals in a care home, life can suddenly be incredibly difficult. Introducing ‘Just Imagine Contract Interiors’, a company who specialise in fitting care homes which cater to those needing sheltered housing, as well as specialist care homes and villages. The hands-on team have extensive experience with accommodating dementia guests and so can fully accommodate any project-specific needs.


A tastefully-designed dining room


On many of their projects, the most important element is seemingly the natural blend of homely furniture with formal touches to ensure that those that inhabit the assisted living areas are comfortable, whilst also retaining the cleanliness and formal nature which a business needs.


In Reading, a two-storey, purpose built, independent living home which can accommodate up to 34 people needed to be revitalised and made comfortable, bright, and stylish, after all, those that live here still have that keen eye for interior design. To achieve their objective Just Imagine applied “rich yellow ochre tones” to the first floor, as well as art that was carefully selected to pay homage to local famous faces and the lake which is in the area.

Extra Care Centre in Reading


There’s no question that their projects are visually stunning and the Oak Priory in the heart of Stoke-On-Trent is no exception. Just Imagine wanted to create an atmosphere which stimulated residents’ social nature within a safe environment. The building and design also commemorated the city’s industrial heritage with old photos hung on walls, vintage luggage under railway signs, and simple, comfortable furniture. A practical highlight is the washroom, somewhere for guests to be bathed with full dignity in the spa-like surroundings.


Oak Priory, Stoke-On-Trent


Just Imagine delivers comfortable, aesthetically pleasing results within spaces that have great historical significance for residents that need assistance with their living. The team demonstrate their extensive knowledge and experience through the sleek designs and a caring environment.


For more information about the team, projects they’ve worked on and why they do exactly what they do, visit their website:

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