Bright Ideas from Neon Creations

With over 25 years experience in the neon sign making industry, Neon Creations specialise in the design and manufacture of custom-made neon signs, neon lights and neon art.

Made popular in the early 1900’s, the first neon sign was used in a Parisian barber shop in 1912, and quickly became a great choice for advertising businesses due to its visibility and visual impact even in daylight.

Resurgence of Neon

Although it had its heyday from the 1930’s to 1960’s, neon is currently making a resurgence, due in part, to its nostalgic effect, but despite being used in signage for over 100 years, neon still has a fresh and modern feel.

No longer used just for advertising, neon is now used for a variety of purposes in many different environments both domestically and commercially. Custom-made neon signs  are now common features in interior design, really adding to the appearance of a newly renovated lounge, bar, bedroom or dining area and are even appearing in commercial offices.

Neon is giving artists a whole new medium in which to express themselves and this continues to give neon a contemporary twist and extends is applications.



Neon Creations  love to use neon in creative ways and like developing their own ideas to produce individual pieces of neon art. They are constantly experimenting with different methods to develop their own unique style of neon artwork and as well as a bespoke design service, offer a range of neon signs for hire for parties, film/photo shoots, weddings and themed nights, creating an illuminating focal point.


A Passion for Neon

More and more people are turning to neon for unique and individual products to suit their requirements. Hand crafted and custom made, neon signs offer a bespoke solution with  a Wow factor that is second to none. It is only through neon that you can create iconic, sharp 3D shapes, it is an art and it takes real craft and skill to create a neon sign.

“Our aim is to bring your bright ideas to life in the form of mesmerising neon solutions.”


At Neon Creations their passion for all things neon, stems from their love of creating unique and bespoke products, and they believe their personalised and attentive approach allows them to deliver a  spectacular service that sets them apart from their competition. With all their design and manufacturing undertaken in-house, Neon Creations work closely with their clients to ensure that their ideas are never lost in translation.


The test of Time

Neon is a rare atmospheric gas that is non-toxic and chemically inert, found around us at all times, neon is therefore environmentally friendly and creates no ecological damage. And with the focus today on sustainability, the fact that neon is 100% recycle, energy efficient and safe to use is a strong selling point.  These are still made entirely by hand, even in todays technological world, giving each piece a truly unique quality. Although the way neon signs are made hasn’t changed in 100 years, the way they are used has.

With an attentive approach and the ability to put a modern twist on a product that has stood the test of time, Neon Creations has ensured their success in the industry.



To find out how to get your bespoke neon sign, contact Neon Creations.

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