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The beginning of any project can be daunting. Where do you start? What should be the priority? At Sheppard Robson the first step is being open about bringing practical solutions and positive change. They recognise that each of their many clients have varying requirements and needs, so therefore a plan is necessary to tailor-make something special which is most suited to the brief.


Since their establishment over 75 years ago, the design group have recognised consistency in success. Regular, successful projects, perhaps due to the company’s Design Review Board, who at every key stage of a project make sure that all the client’s needs are met and objective factors like cost and value are matched up against aspects such as environmental design. Their ever-evolving philosophy and willingness to adapt to a changing project means that Shepherd Robson have continued their success over the years. What about their projects? Who has benefited from their planned, thoughtful methods? Here we show you two gems in the group’s wonderfully extravagant crown.






Leeds Beckett University, Leeds



The education facility of Leeds Beckett in the North of England wanted to introduce a new business school building into the area which would stand out as a stylish beacon and held within it several teaching facilities, classrooms, lecture theatres, and a cafeteria. Sheppard Robson created the Rose Bowl, whose unique shape gains character from the triangular glass panels which brighten all floors. The Y-shaped pillars at the bottom give the Rose Bowl a stylishly split appearance, finished with horizontal supportive girders which gives the building an ergonomic appearance. The building won several accolades, including awards for best Yorkshire Property and Best Commercial Development. The style and practicality speak for themselves.



9 George Square, Glasgow



In the heart of Glasgow Sheppard Robson were tasked with transforming this huge, historic building; modernising whilst retaining the features and history that make it special. Within the brief the client asked for the entrance and foyer to be updated and transformed. This transformation was done by installing a dominating light box, aiding accessibility, heating, and the overall functionality of the entrance. The key to the large office spaces was lighting, making sure that bright Scottish sun could pour in through the windows and was helped, when necessary, by the lights installed above. Now when people work within the office space, they are given a beautiful area with an instantly welcoming light box and plenty of open space which has natural light pouring onto it.


There is a successful longevity with Sheppard Robson which can be attributed to their meticulous planning, careful, considered style and bold, striking changes. For more information about projects including these two, visit their website:


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