Bessa, the Portuguese art and design brand that recovers techniques of craft production to unique pieces, has created the ‘Eiffel Tower.’

The new addition to their product line was inspired by Gustave Eiffel, one of the most recognised engineers in the world.

The Eiffel Table recovered the complexity of Eiffel’s style, with a crude and rustic look.

Eiffel D2Bessa specialise in bring back the charm of ancient times, through a new interpretation.

They bring a modern interpretation on the past, recreating feelings and stories in their pieces and their newest piece is no exception.

The vintage and raw finish dominates this concept and when used in an indoor environment creates a set of glowing structures that remind the lights of the Eiffel Tower.

It’s captivating for both its history and for its aesthetics, reviving feelings of nostalgia.

The design is typical of a Bessa piece, bringing a unique statement exclusively to luxurious home décor.

All of Bessa’s pieces are handmade and transmit the passion of the craftsmen behind it.

They use traditional materials and techniques with the contemporary design to create stunning items that reflect the company’s values.

You can explore more of the Bessa product range here

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