Ashley Hicks: Britain’s Quirky, Natural Designer





Decorating homes around the globe, Ashley Hicks was taught the design basics at the Architectural Association in London. Despite working for his father, famous designer David Hicks, Ashley started his own design practice and in 1997 released his first furniture collection, called Jantar Mantar. From there Hicks has become a huge name in the design industry, creating spaces which seem to brim with life and rich, vibrant colour.

But where did Hicks begin his designing passion? At the age of sixteen he was given the opportunity to decorate his bedroom, but what was the opted for design? It was a black and white checker-board pattern, giving the room sharp lines and straight forward design.

Hicks’ newest arrivals feature a series of totem sculptures. Mocked-up coral and rocks stacked on top of each other, staying tall and keeping to the theme of life in design. The coral-like design can also be seen with the designer’s range of door fixings -knockers, handles etc. which come in a range of materials including antique bronze, dark bronze, gold, silver, and white lacquer.

Any viewer of Hicks’ ranges would see that what he offers is the contrast between subtle metallic pieces and sculptures that give a space a huge amount of colour and shape. While the sculptures do offer unlimited possibilities to any interior design group looking to use them, Hicks has also branched out into textiles and carpet fittings, to allow complete projects full of imagination, depth and variety.

For further information about the many ranges, as well as the designer himself, see the website below:

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