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Design projects can be tricky. That’s right, you heard it here first.


Nobody needs a degree to know that when you transform a space, whether from a practical or aesthetic point of view, it’s going to throw up quite a few problems. When Michael Angelo painted the Sistene Chapel, he opted not for eggshell white or muted pink, instead he chose a stunning mural which is gazed at, in awe, by millions of tourists each year. Angelo faced one challenge in the form of colour, but modern-day projects face a multitude of problems to overcome. To help, we’d like to introduce you, with as much fanfare as possible, to Interior Solutions: a section dedicated to overcoming challenges which face designers from six different, market-leading companies. Time for our whistle-stop-tour of these brands which come together to craft the perfect solution to your interior challenge.





They’re the company you might not have heard of but put quite simply, they create the world’s best staircases and balustrades. If you stand in the reception area of the Five Seasons, Mayfair, London, you might find your eyes drawn towards the most incredible staircase you’ve ever seen. It’s made of inter-twined, mirror-polished steel and the company notes, “the guys were walking round covered in polish for weeks!” BISCA starts out every project with a completely blank slate, building up a wonderful piece in conjunction with their clients’ needs and a creative flair from the skilled team.

The company was started in 1994 by Richard McLane, a long-term blacksmith and first-class graduate from the University of Northumbria. During his time studying at the university, he was
head and shoulders above the rest, praised for his unique use of many different materials, something which broke the mould. Richard has carried his do-something-different attitude into the company and uses everything from wood, to copper, to glass, to create something completely bespoke and original.

Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be showcasing this Yorkshire-based group regularly, but for more information, visit their website:





Based in Rugby, Warwickshire, Hafele is a company that provides solutions to so many aspects of the interior design sector. Whether it’s kitchen, living area, sliding doors, stylish handles, or architectural ironmongery, they really do provide effective, varied solutions. Having started in 1923 (albeit looking very different to today), Hafele have built on their interior design pedigree, extending the ranges on offer and developing products which reflect the high-quality, hard-working attitude of the company.

Within the extensive portfolio that the company have built over the years, Hafele have provided interior solutions to a multitude of museums and hotels around the world. Their products are reliable and the customer service on offer: excellent. Through these two elements, Hafele have grown to be market leaders in each of their provided sectors.

So, whether you need lighting for your project, a sturdy handle, or sliding, stylish doors for a walk-in wardrobe, Hafele are sure to provide the very best of interior features. Since their establishment
almost 100 years ago, they’ve learnt a thing or two about quality products delivered with excellent customer service.


For more information, why not visit their website:







So far, we’ve looked at the solutions around and about a project, but what about underneath? You might have that perfect wallpaper, the stylish sliding doors, and stairs to get from one floor to another, but what about a solution to loud noise, fire safety, and insulation, all in one company? Interfloor have been providing premium, effective underlay from Duralay and Tredaire since the 1940s.

While the 1940s might have been incredibly turbulent times for the world, Interfloor were able to supply some homelife stability and solve some of the smaller problems.

Underlay is vital for making carpet feel springy under foot and lock in an area’s warmth, but by using different materials, Interfloor found each had their own unique set of properties. We at Lighting Interiors Online explored each of the material’s properties in full detail, however we feel it our duty to highlight each here. For use in a loud venue, one which noise is a constant issue, it would be wise to use crumb rubber – entirely made from recycled car tyres. If comfort is your only priority, sponge rubber offers extra springiness and the feeling as if walking on air. Latex foam is the material which we found quite incredible, if there is ever a fire within your interior design project, the material’s combination of water with dispersed rubber particles will break down and become selfextinguishing.

With Interfloor, say goodbye to cold-feeling projects and say hello to high-quality underlay which each provide a unique personality to the project. Whether your concern is with safety, comfort, or the practicality of noise cancellation, Interfloor can certainly deliver.


For further information about the product range, visit their website:



Cubicle Works



While your project might need the aesthetic beauty of Hafele, the practicality of Interfloor and the bespoke nature of BISCA, it is quite likely that you’ll need to consider wet rooms, those that offer visitors relief in the form of toilets or a fresh new feel with washroom facilities. Cubicle works was founded over twenty years ago and so as the market has evolved, so too has this Wigan-based company.

Cubicle Works boasts a customer support service which they say is unrivalled and offer a free CAD drawing service for you to work out exactly what design needs to be implemented into your design.

Products which Cubicle Works can provide includes WC cubicles, shower cubicles, duct panels, vanity units, lockers, and benches. Duct panelling, for example can give a hygienic space the aesthetics which so many WCs need. The products on offer are not only aesthetically fitting and adaptable, but they also have various practical elements which can’t be beaten. For the shower cubicles there are several options which can be applied, such as splash screens, anti-peep rails, and anti-vandal fittings. With Cubicle Works’ bespoke bathroom solutions, you can rely on their quality supply of UK manufactured products to bring style into the most intimate areas of your project.


For more information about Cubicle Works and to book your no obligation survey, visit their website:



Armstrong Ceilings



With over 60 years’ worth of experience in the ceiling systems market, Armstrong know a thing or two about quality panelling which can really enhance the look of any project. We’ve all seen those boring tiles in offices which match the boring backdrop of work, but Armstrong do something different. Using a huge variety of materials, from metal to fabric, the company can help create the sleek, stylish look that your project might be looking for.

The main selling point of the brand is that the panels provided passively resist germs and reduce a building’s reliance on natural light, as well as air conditioning. Much like Interfloor, Armstrong Ceilings can provide a wide range of solutions, including noise cancellation and sustainability – much of their material is recycled.

A style-highlight which would be perfectly suited to a wide range of projects is the Island Ceilings, giving a dynamic ceiling affect with bright panels, whilst also retaining the practical elements that make the company so special.


They are market-leaders in the ceiling-panel market and are proud to offer a diverse range of products. For more information about Armstrong Ceilings visit their website:





So, you have the perfect panelling, the unbelievable underlay, the staircase to match, and expert touches like a bespoke door handle, but what you don’t have, are things to fill the space. Yes, it’s beautiful but now it’s time to make it liveable and enjoyable. Gresham area family-run business which operates on a small, controlled ethic of working hard to create products which are of highquality and adaptable to any environment – whether fine-dining of home office.

Clients of Gresham are at the highest heights of recognisability. They include: Bentley, Adidas, Mars, The BBC, and Monarch Airline. There is a reason why these companies choose Gresham, whether it’s the company’s constant positivity and can-do attitude, their products’ bespoke nature, or the stylish design which comes out of the manufacturing heart of the north. Every product that is sent out of their production is tested for safety and comfort, if it doesn’t pass the strict testing, it doesn’t leave.

While the company retains its family-feel, it also works with a huge number of top designers from around the world to craft products suitable for any project which you might undertake.

Highlights for us, here at Lighting Interiors Online, include The G Series which is 100% recyclable and an environmental award winner. The company describes this product as, “the ultimate swivel task chair with a conscience”. The G Series is completely adjustable for comfort and posture.

The Adore product line is designed with adaptability completely in mind. Whether your project needs seating for a restaurant or for people to relax in a homely environment, this beautiful line is suitable for any look.

For more information about this global, family run business, as well as their extensive product line, visit their website:

So, you now have all the tools to create an incredibly effective design project. Whether your challenge is aesthetics or practicality, noise or safety, your project can become transformed by these passionate, experienced companies.

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