Ansell Case Study: Paper Assist

Lighting Paper and Card Might be Hard, but Ansell Rise to the Challenge Once Again

For all paper needs, whether commercial or personal – for offices or weddings, people living in the beautiful city of Dublin turn to Paper Assist, a Baldonnell- based company which has over 20 years of experience. To showcase their products, they wanted a bright, well-designed space which could clearly demonstrate the quality. For this, Paper Assist turned to Ansell, who, much like the paper company, began in the 1990s and have grown to become experts in lighting and market leaders in design.



The luxury paper company recognised that the environment needed to be comfortable and inviting, allowing customers to take their time when considering designs, colour, and feel. To do this, Ansell demonstrated the versatility of their wide and varied range of products and the results were stunning.

To keep in-line with the unobtrusive nature of the company, Ansell decided to use Comfort LED Downlights, which have a deep cut-off angle to ensure no unpleasant glare. With a lifespan of 50,000
hours the Comfort LED Downlights provide a warm feeling within the showcase, instantly making customers feel more relaxed.

The unobtrusive Comfort LED, perfect for Paper Assist’s Needs. 


While the Comfort LED Downlights gave an overall illumination of Paper Assist, there were certain elements which attention had to be drawn towards. To do this, Ansell introduced Unity 150 LED Wallwash and Unity 3 LED Mains. The 355° rotation of the Unity 3, together with its 0-180° tilt meant that the two lighting products worked in unison, perfectly drawing customers attention to specific parts of the showroom.


Unity 150 LED Wallwash and Unity 3 LED Mains, each uniquely spotlighting Paper Assist’s products

While the lighting was beautiful, and customers saw Paper Assist’s products in the best light possible, it was now necessary to assess the safety aspects of the building and an emergency lighting system which would function if the building experienced a power outage. Using the Signal and the Eagle’s 3-in-1 exit sign, Ansell ensured that if the main light malfunctioned the emergency lighting could provide a viewing distance of 25 metres for three hours. The Eagle’s 3-in-1 also has a self-test option available to those who want a low-maintenance solution to safety.


The Eagle’s 3-in1 Exit Sign and The Signal, each providing safety in emergency lighting

About the project, Ansell lighting have said:

“Overall, Paper Assist were delighted with the end result.”


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