acdc are shortlisted for a LUX Award in the Exterior Product Category as acdc defy convention with BLADE

Lighting will always occupy a central place in the world of design and architecture. The good between type and quantity of light that a space receives can transform the way in which it is perceived, enhancing or attenuating decorative elements and even intensifying the value of objects. Therefore, acdc promise to create amazing experiences with light that will ensure you achieve that balance in lighting for your projects.


We are pleased to announce that the new innovations of BLADE by acdc have been recently shortlisted for a LUX Award in the Exterior Product Award category. This important recognition highlights the work developed by acdc, as they continue with the mission to be the creative driving force in architectural lighting.


acdc have defied  convention with BLADE achieving its mission to amaze and transform the nocturnal view of buildings and structures. The inspiration for this product comes from the natural graze of the sun and its transition from day to night.


The innovative LED manufacturer are renowned for doing things a little differently and their external linear luminaire BLADE is no exception.



Understanding the external linear luminaire BLADE

Instead of using the traditional individual LED’s and optics methodology, BLADE uses a single led optic consistently running the full length of the product, thus eliminating any scalloping effect.  Used in conjunction with their new colour mixing chamber within the luminaire, means the purity of light is immediate on whatever surface is being lit, producing a pure graze of light. “Beautiful lighting needs to be comfortable so acdc have gone one step further and the glare control on BLADE is completely different to the way anyone else is doing it”, acdc stated.


The light source is recessed into the body to provide a primary level of glare control.  In addition BLADE’s new micro louvre and diffusing film means acdc are leading the way in glare control, giving a further level of protection making it incredibly comfortable to view in any environment. BLADE brings structures and buildings to life with its four single colour temperatures and RGBW which allow designers to “paint with light” creating subtle schemes or dynamic change of colour.  With a  2 step MacAdam ellipse you are guaranteed lighting continuity and consistency across each and every project.  This tough cookie is IP67 rated to withstand all kinds of environments, BLADE boasts long lifetime in excess of 50,000hrs @ 50°c, thanks to innovative design, engineering and thermal management (and of course, efficient LEDs (>90 Lm/W)).


Fast becoming a favourite with global lighting designers, contractors and commercial brands, the range has been recently specified on a number of prestigious and historical sites in the Nis Serbia, giving the buildings a new lease of life with classic warm colour temperatures.  Designers have been creative in the Netherlands where BLADE can also been seen in full colour at Stadkamer – a social hub providing education, development and language for local residents resulting in a striking, even illumination across the buildings façade. And most recently on Thorpe Business Park in Leeds UK, where BLADE brings a new dimension to the main building.


From Lighting Interiors we want to congratulate acdc for this recognition, we can assure that this leader in LED technology is the best option for your future projects.

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