A monolithic cube retreat for the mountains of northern Slovakia, an imponent Project of Atelier 8000

It may seem like an object fallen from the sky in the midst of nature and landscape. It can even be said that it is an ice cube that, moreover, resembles the famous rubik cube.

However, it is a building designed for Czhech Architects Atelier 8000 for the international competition Kežmarská Chata (Kežmarská Hut) and is composed of a restaurant, a sleeping area and ski storage for visitors. The architects of this project have been inspired by the glaciers and, with this impressive work they imagined a block of ice falling down the side of a mountain and crashing into the snowy landscape.

Atelier 8000‘s cubic retreat is made from laminated timber beams. Due to the home’s angled position, the rooms have slanted ceilings and unusual angles. The cuboid “evoques an erratic block left behind by the retreating glacier”, described Atelier8000.

The materials used for the building are clad in a combination of glass, metal and photovoltaic panels. Aluminum elements were designed as 1×1 meter modules, which makes them easy to transport. “Thanks to the highly reflective surfaces, the hut looks like a large ice cube – and it fits perfectly into its surroundings”.

The base of the hut houses a snowmobile garage, a staff entrance, ski storage, a drying room and a restroom. Common areas such as the restaurant and deck are located on the ground floor, while the upper floors accommodate sleeping areas. In terms of performance, the house aims to maximize solar energy generation. The hut has been developed as a passive building. Some parts of the facade are oriented southwards and eastwards to face the sunrays directly.


· Architects

Atelier 8000

·  Location

High Tatras, Tatra National Park, 062 01 Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia

·  Project Year


·  Photographs

Jan Cyrany, Courtesy of Atelier 8000Atelier 8000


Information and pictures about this Project: https://www.atelier8000.cz/en/projects/high-tatras.html





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