The Futuristic Work of Fitch Designs

They were founded in 1972 and forty-six years later Fitch now have 15 studios in nine different countries around the world, including the UK, USA, and France. They describe themselves as “designing the future,” and lead the market for retail design consultancy. By being bold and vibrant, the company have been able to adapt to all challenges presented and work on incredibly unique projects. Just by visiting their website, guests can see the confidence that is demonstrated and the exciting enthusiasm, together with renewed vigour that is brought to every project.


Specialising in retail design projects Fitch have a unique overall objective, which is to make sure that no two projects are the same, but all the tailor-made quality is retained. Here are just a few of the projects which the group have worked on, each requiring something different.



Lego Stores




Lego is a legendary brand. It is instantly recognisable and infinitely enjoyable, but how does a shop which sells physical toys compete with a market that is becoming increasingly digitised? Children are increasingly using technology such as iPads and video games to provide the enjoyment which would come from Lego in the past. The store had to have instant appeal to the young marketplace and a simple pick n’ mix style of purchase which would appear interesting to parents. Fitch wanted to create a space which was not only a showcase of the products, but an open space which children can simply play. This change of attitude brought more customers into the shop and within the first year, sales had increased by 30%.


Predator by Adidas



In complete contrast to the child-friendly Lego world where anything is possible in a colourful world, Adidas’ most popular, comfortable, and stylish football boot: Predator, was re-launched by Fitch in their classically unique style. The group recognised that this product “is a threat of total domination,” therefore the colour scheme used was one of black and red, with sharp textures and un-compromising lines. Because the space was digital, rather than a physical store, the product had to be eye-catchingly presented and instantly appealing, therefore, Fitch also produced a graphic on a sharp red background which when seen is enticing to the customer.



Ford Transportation



In a world which is looking to constantly cut down on carbon emissions, many people are turning away from the option of owning a car towards more sustainable, cost effective solutions. Acknowledging this fact, as well as that in the Oculus hub of Manhattan, traffic is a real problem, Ford wants to give visitors the opportunity to experience the alternatives. Within this space 7,000 visitors per day are treated to a completely interactive space outlining ‘the city of tomorrow.’ Two highlights are the hoverboard ride and the art installation featuring over 5,000 toy cars which light up based on visitors’ actions. We all know the future is bright, therefore the showroom had to be incredibly well-lit and featuring Ford’s symbolic blue. The lighting used was unobtrusive and the seats comfortable. An incredible amount of technology was used including virtual reality.


Fitch recognises that to stand out in the retail sector it takes something special which is marketed effectively using bold colours and concepts. They succeed in their goal by applying a unique approach to each and every client, whether digital or physical.


For more information about these projects, the company, and their global reach, visit their website:

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