Meet the Designer to the Stars – Nina Campbell

Two weeks ago, we explored how Zico Lighting provided solutions to Annabel’s exclusive club in London. Today, we introduce you to Nina Campbell, a world-famous designer who also had a hand at transforming the prestigious venue.



If you searched for a thousand years, it’s unlikely that you would came across a designer with more high-profile clients and a more extensive telephone book of contacts than Nina Campbell. The designer, known for hear heart-shaped glasses flew onto the scene in the 1970s and her famous shop in Knightsbridge, London has remained the favourite place to buy fabrics for so many other prestigious designers, even after thirty years.

Fully named Henrietta “Nina” Sylvia Campbell, her love of deep, rich colours, as well as making an area feel homely as well as stylish, means that every single project that she draws her attention to is unique. Although each project is bespoke and high-brow, Nina’s first commission was a Scottish castle, showing just how tough her climb to the top was and just how well she rose to the challenge. Because of her unique attitude and homely appeal of each project, the London-living designer has a huge number of repeat-clients, including Rod Stewart and Ringo Starr. However, because of the high-profile aspect of each client, most ask Campbell for the utmost confidentiality, therefore, it could be said that when approaching the Rockstar designer, clients get high-quality design and complete discretion. While this secrecy is completely taken seriously, it was recently revealed that the Duke and Duchess of York employed Campbell’s services to update their country home. Campbell’s design is worthy of both global music superstars and royalty alike. Can she get any more prestigious?



Nina Campbell’s company works with a huge number of crafts-people at the top of their game, this ensures that all aspects are of the highest quality. Some most recent interior design projects include a Chinese, large residential area on the mainland, a New York town house, and a country-style hotel which overlooks Cheltenham Race Course. About the final project which overlooks the racecourse, not to speculate, but doesn’t the Queen of England love horse racing? It would be an ideal spot to watch from.



Of course, with this extensive experience and lengthy knowledge about the industry, Nina Campbell has collected her share of awards and accolades, including The Royal Oak Timeless Design Award in
2003 and the American Fashion Award for ‘the woman who has most influenced style internationally’. Finally, this angelic designer to the stars is also author to five books on the subject which she has always excelled at: interior design.


For more information about Nina, her company and the many projects that she’s been a part of, visit the website:


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