The Titans of Lighting Provide for The Coliseum of Wembley Arena


Last week we introduced you to just a few of Holloways of Ludlow’s products, here we’d like to show you why they’re so in-demand.


Wembley stadium is very much the Mecca of religion for football fans not only across the UK, but around the world. It is the epicentre of the FA cup final and the base which England’s national team plan their dominance of upcoming tournaments such as the 2018 World Cup in Russia. While Gareth Southgate might be prepping his team for their first game against Tunisia on the 18th June, Holloways of Ludlow have also been preparing and delivering one of the most prestigious projects that any group could be tasked with. One Twenty at Wembley stadium is an incredibly exclusive club, one with only 120 members who enjoy the most luxurious visit to England’s greatest havens.



The club itself offers fine dining, served by some of the culinary greats, a seat on the halfway line guaranteed for all England men’s matches, priority access to events outside of the sporting calendar, and connection meetups with some of the most legendary footballing icons. It’s easy to see why this club is so exclusive, with a price tag of £11,064 and a request-to-join only system. With such a highend club, full of the rich and famous, Holloways of Ludlow were tasked with creating a comfortable, stylish atmosphere with their premium lighting products.

To do so, the Ludlow-based lighting titans decided to utilize their lute pendant lighting by Ebb & Flow. These products hang from the industrial-style ceiling to bring an overall lighting effect of warmth and luxury. Together with bespoke furniture, these lighting solutions craft a comfortable seating area which is positioned high above the pitch, perfect for a drink before the game of during, depending on the harsh weather which may hang over the stadium. As well as the lute lighting, Holloways also used the Marble Collection from Tradition which hangs beautiful orbs above the club’s most prestigious guests. These orbs of light are pendent hung from the cream and golden panels above. Each product compliments the woods and creams which appear around the bar and provide an atmosphere that matches the high price tag.





Using their extensive experience and many years of experience Holloways of Ludlow have created a lighting environment which is worthy of promotion and fits naturally within Britain’s most prestigious stadium. Whether or not the warm up games on this hallowed turf will bring results in Russia is unclear, however Holloways of Ludlow have certainly succeeded in their mission.


For more information about the lighting solutions group visit their website:

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