The Beautiful Game: Made More Beautiful with Thorn by Zumtobel

Footballing superstar Diego Maradona once said, “football isn’t a game, nor a sport. It’s a religion,” and for those who wish to make the regular pilgrimage to Leicester FC’s home ground, fans of the sport expect to be stunned.


In their 2015/16 season, Leicester City FC had the most success they’ve had for many years, winning the top flight of football and fending off titans such as Manchester United and Chelsea, two teams that have dominated the premier league in recent years. Playing at the highest level of football the champions found themselves being approached by broadcasting companies wanting to show regular coverage. Leicester had used the same light fittings for many years and this was sufficient for those seated in the stadium, however on television, the image quality left something to be desired. To replace the lighting with high-performance products, the club needed a reliable company who could get the job done. After their continued work with Wembley stadium, the Foxes turned to Thorn.


To illuminate the pitch for fans both at home and inside The King Power Stadium Thorn provided 192 x 2KW Atlis high-powered floodlights which optimise light distribution, as well as 12 x 2W Mundial floodlights to give extra lighting to the notoriously darker parts of the pitch.


Mundial C and Altis provide an optimised illumination with perfect light distribution


To ensure that the lights point to the desired spot, within the frame of the lights is an adjustable precision point. This then allows customisation of light coverage for full control.


To ensure that replays could be played back at ultra-slow motion, light flicker was completely minimised, enhancing the viewing quality for those watching at home.


As you can see from the photographs, the night time setting is entirely illuminated by Thorn’s range of products. There are no areas of gloom and the lighting is completely even.


Despite a struggle in their 2016/17 season, Leicester have rallied in their latest premier league escapades and look set to remain in the highest tier of English football.


About the success of the project, Thorn and PWP, Operations Manager of Leicester FC, Paul Lewis said:

“The lights are fantastic and give an excellent coverage of the pitch. A great job by Thorn and installer PWP nothing was left to chance, two very professional companies.”


For further information about this project, as well as products and services, visit their website:

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