Lighting designer and craftsman, Glenn Stableford from STABLEFORD’S brand in Yorkshire, England takes us today in an unexpected journey, on the board of a cruise ship, to talk more on the props he hand-made to order for the stage design of PEEL ENTERTAINMENT company.


We already know STABLEFORD’S from past features but today we won’t be focusing upon their bespoke light designs, but more on their full design-to-finish service. The company can actually manufacture any architectural component, from the smallest oak door knob to wooden furniture, mouldings or large diameter columns. Stableford’s also offers the building industry a complete stair balustrading service, in both bespoke specifications and in standard ranges. This time, we are talking about theatre props.



How did your collaboration with PEEL ENTERTAINMENT started?

They are a local company and were looking for someone with the skills to do bespoke work to be able to produce items to their exacting specifications for shows on cruise ships.  We have been working with them for more than 10 years now.


Please tell us which items you designed, more exactly.

The designs come from PEEL but we consult with them to advise on materials, construction methods, finishes etc. This is no different to how we work with high-end designers for lighting as they send us their designs and we liaise with them in regards to the most suitable materials and finishes. PEEL allow me some artistic license to be able to find solutions to overcome any issues. Making props for Cruise ship brings its own complications sometimes, they have to be lightweight as they need to be easy to lift/pack/transport, they need to be quick to assemble & easy to dismantle.  Fire Safely legislation needs to be taken into account.



What materials did you use?

All kinds of material depending on the design, Plastics, wood, metal, we make a joint decision on what is best suited.


The props were designed to be easy to transport and pliable. How did you achieve this?

Liaise with customer, using lightweight materials and innovative ways of working.



About how long were the props used?

3-4 seasons, sometimes get them back to refurbish or adapt for a different show so they do need to be pretty hardwearing.


Was everything designed by you, in your workshop?

No, I don’t produce the designs for these, PEEL approach me with their designs and ideas depending on what the show is I’ve worked on props for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera and many others.  I would just have input in regards to construction or manufacturing methods, we work together to resolve any issues.


How do you feel, as a designer of luxury, high quality interior lighting and objects, in relation to the specific theatre set design requests?


There is definitely a fun side to creating these, something different. It’s a challenge to find solutions in the manufacturing process to produce one-off pieces which need to meet very specific specifications: Lightweight, strong, compact, durable for the life of the shows.  We are utilising the same skill set really and although it does not necessarily involve the fine carpentry details that some of our high-end designers require but this shows our ability to adapt to different markets and industries but we always maintain our exacting standards and high quality of the pieces we produce, this is very important to us.



So, were the theatre set design requests difficult to achieve, from your point of view?


No, I don’t think so.  It brings its own challenges but you they are one-off pieces and quite fun to work on which can sometime be a welcome change.


How would you comment this side taking into consideration that your core business is that of creating hand-made to order lighting design.


This is a great point, which we are trying to promote because it shows our skills in manufacturing bespoke items, everyone seems to want bespoke work at the moment and we want to get this message out that although we are known for our work with Lighting Designers and Interior Designers we can turn our hand to all kinds of designs from various industries from entertainment business, Architects, Furniture Designers, Games manufacturers, shop fitters and brewery services to name just a few!



Stableford’s is an established British lighting brand in Yorkshire, England. Each piece is hand-made to order and crafted from the finest materials, with luxurious finishes including polished leaf, tiger bamboo or ebony. Find more on their website:


Contact Stableford’s | Address: Stableford’s Limited Unit 3, Sunderland Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 5LE | Phone: 01535 669722 | Email:


Find more on Peel Entertainment on their website:

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