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The aftersales accommodation includes a 42 bay, fully equipped state of the art workshop with 3 MOT bays plus a 15,000 sq. ft body shop with 3 paint ovens.

Sytner were recognised in 2017 by the Sunday Times as the UK’s No. 1 Best Company to Work For, and as well as creating an outstanding working environment, the new facility also provides colleagues with fully fitted ‘Health-Club’ standard lockers, changing and shower facilities and a relaxing staff lounge.

Speaking as the first customers began to arrive at the facility, Sytner Group CEO Darren Edwards said “Sytner Group’s latest BMW and MINI facility once again sets the standard for automotive retailing in the UK with truly world class colleague and customer environments. I’m delighted to be able to welcome both loyal and new customers to experience these wonderful products in this amazing setting”

For further information on Tramadol 50Mg To Buy, go the their website.

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