Southgate Lighting, “Providing Bright Lights for Bright Minds”


In Welsh, the word for light is, “golau,” and whilst Wales’ bright futures are studying in Llantwit Primary School, it is important that the lighting in their building is high-quality, unobtrusive, and stylishly presented.



In the large, open-plan space of the main classroom, large windows provide an abundance of light to the outer wall, however this kept the rest of the room in a gloom. To match the Welsh sunlight which pours through the windows, the team at Southgate Lighting installed a series of New Age recessed luminaires. Being installed within the ceiling, these 594 mm X 594 mm lights ensured uniform illumination – a consistent lighting experience found within their compact fluorescent technology. The dimensions of these New-Age LED lights meant that they were perfect for fitting into the panelled ceiling, giving an ease of access if any changes need to be made or diagnostic checks carried out.


In the cloakroom, where boys and girls would wash their hands ready for lunchbox treats or school dinners, the lighting challenge was to fit lighting into the room, without being overpowering and overbearing. The team at Southgate Lighting decided on their specially-designed Hayley LED lights, which are, as the company say, ideal for toilets, offices, receptions, and circulation areas. This lighting product can also be seen at Leeds Bradford Airport and Leeds United Stadium, however any visitor to this educational haven would agree that Southgate’s usage of Hayley LED here is a fantastic idea.


Southgate Lighting look at a building and understand its project needs, something that has been carried out within this Welsh Primary School, providing bright lights for bright minds.


“We are pleased to be able to provide a user-friendly lighting solution for Llantwit Primary School,
while utilising some of our most popular and environmentally friendly LED Products”

Craig Fisher – Sales Director