Roll & Patty, the premium fast food outlet daring to be different with Liqui

Launched in 20018, Liqui recognises that its own products and interiors have a life of their own. The brand works with many commercial retailers, coffee outlets, and restaurants to provide their bold take in a fashionable style.


Roll & Patty is one of the largest culinary chains in the Middle East, their vibrant menu and unique, chilled-out, premium fast-food attitude needed an interior design outfit who could match their creativity.


Liqui wanted to create a bright carnival atmosphere which provided a laid-back feel to enjoy the excellent food.

Using as much natural lighting as possible, together with over-head pendant lighting, this bright atmosphere was achieved. Contrasted with the fluorescent tube signs of both lobsters and the name Roll & Patty, the design needed to contain, “easily transferable elements,” to use when size and shape of venue changes.



To provide seating for all moods, Liqui created banquet tables in the centre of the room, booths around the edges, as well as tables with stools. These each allow complete accessibility and a range of choice, whether with family, friends, or someone more intimate.

The brightness of the room and pastel colour chart meant that Liqui needed balance. They chose wood panelling on top of the booths (to create a beach-hut effect) and for the tables and chairs. The combination is striking.



The natural vegetation growing around the edges only enhance the laid-back feel of the restaurant, providing some much wanted greenery, and the dominating poster wall creates a door-access area which looks like it leads to another world, rather than just to the kitchen.

About the project, Liqui said:

“ The interiors are designed to have an easy-living, relaxed atmosphere; being both bright and fun with a festival feel”
For more information about the company which dares to be different, visit their website:

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