Office Upgrade For Sykes Cottages By Gresham

Sykes Cottages are the number 1 leading holiday cottage rental agency in the UK. With such rapid expansion, Skyes Cottages wanted to combine their two previous locations into one central office.


Located across a whole floor in the office building next to Chester train station Gresham’s furniture had wide open spaces to work with.


The client wanted to create a free-flowing workspace to add to the additional productively gained from operating under one roof. Open spaces and flexible furniture setups afforded Sykes Cottages with a new way of working and team building.


No longer would the need to book private office spaces hinder productivity as quasi-meeting spaces could be created easily and efficiently.



Further opportunities for staff to socialise during breaks and free time allowed for a great sense of community within the office.



Gresham knew that to make the most of the vast space without confusion they would need to create some form of uniformity to allocated areas. By mixing up their colourful designs that compliment the large floor to ceiling windows, Gresham created an open and airy office that achieves the fluidity desired by the client.  



Evolution’s in modern-day workspaces is something that Gresham has become specialists in across their wide range of projects and with this redevelopment they’ve displayed a wide range of creative solutions with a unique and impressive result.

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