Knightsbridge Furniture creates a stress-free environment in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool.

Aldery Hey Children’s Hospital located in Liverpool cares for over 250,000 children and their families every year making it one of Europes busiest children’s hospitals. They’ve been caring for those afflicted by minor illnesses up to those that require series specialist treatments.


Opened in 2015, this state of the art hospital was looking to create a modern aesthetic that was calming, convenient and durable due to their high influx of patients and carers. This £250 million development had the task of fitting out 270 bedrooms with the interest of children’s preferences as a priority while fulfilling the needs of family and carers alike.


Knightsbridge Furniture was given the task and set about developing designed furniture for each and every bedroom. Due to their long-term supply to NHS and SHS developments for over 60 years Knightsbridge was the go-to suppliers for this projects.


In terms of being chosen for such a project, Alan Towns, Managing Director at Knightsbridge, said:


“Subsequent to being chosen as the furniture manufacturer to fit out The Harbour in Blackpool by NHS Shared Business Services, it was an honour to be selected yet again for such a fantastic project.”


When it came to the designs, they aimed to create a versatile range of adaptable furniture that included a bespoke domino drop end sofa that can be converted into a three-foot wide bed for parents to sleep in to be alongside their children in times of illness.



On top of this Knightsbridge Furniture offered further comfort from their Cubitt collection by including a host of mid and high back armchairs packed to the brim with up to date infection control perfect for the healthcare environment. All of this came without sacrificing style in its simplistic fully upholstered design.



Knightsbridge furniture’s designs were a success throughout the project that subsequently made Alder Hey Children’s Hospital one of the UK’s most modern places of care.


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