Cosenza Bridge A True Landmark With Thorn Lighting & Zumtobel

As part of the Zumtobel Group, Thorn Lighting has always made their name with expansive outdoor projects tackling some of the most demanding design briefs encountered in the lighting industry.


This project was no exception.


Opened in January 2018 in the southern Italian city of Cosenza, this stunning new road and pedestrian bridge was the development of Santiago Calatrava’s vision.


His design for the San Francesco di Paola bridge included an eye-catching harp shape that pierces the skyline in an imposing and impressive manner.



Suspended from its 104-meter high antenna and swopping up at a 52 degrees angle the supporting cables complete the harp aesthetic.  



With such an awe-inspiring design reaching such extraordinary heights the plan was to highlight this great structure from a distance with clear and comfortable illumination for both vehicular and pedestrian bridge users.   


With the brief in hand, solutions were put in place.


Thorn lighting supplied 40 large 88W contrast LED spotlights to be mounted on the bridges 40 tie rods with each supplying an 8 degrees beam angle at a colour temperature of 4000K. This complimented the structures white body.  



With safety and comfort in mind for bridge users, the Contrast LED spotlights were fitted with refractors and anti-glare visors. As the pedestrian walkway runs in the middle of the two roads this approach was paramount in achieving comfortable passage for both drivers and pedestrians.


With RGB technology incorporated and controlled via a DMX controller, dynamic and creative light shows could be developed for special events while also offering countless, original lighting patterns adding a sense of longevity.   


More impressive is the way the lighting can be synced to music to create spectacular light shows that dominate the night sky.


To complete the walkways aura in a carpet of light, Zumtobel turned to their Tubilux LED fittings. This was able to be accomplished due to Tubilux’s extremely thing and simple cables with a mechanical anchoring system.



This ultimately added fluidity to the installation process saving both time and money.  


It’s not just in the looks department that this project stands out, it’s also incredibly energy efficient. Using 60% less energy than alternative metal halide and fluorescent designs, Thorn and Zumtobel really set the bar high when it comes to what can be achieved using LED lighting.


It’s hard to create an iconic landmark in the modern era that will stand the test of time but the San Francesco di Paola bridge in Cosenza is an astonishing and breathtaking vision of what can be produced when working with the latest in lighting technology on top of an exemplary design.




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