Clean, Unobtrusive, Professional Lighting from Southgate

Hospitals can be incredibly scary places. You deliver yourself into the care of professionals and hope to be made better during illness or injury. To ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible, infirmaries like the Bradford Royal Infirmary hire experienced lighting companies like Southgate who have extensive lighting expertise in positive, unobtrusive lighting.



First, to give even, high-quality lighting around the building, the team used a series of Hayley LEDs which were easily fitted into the ceiling panels and are incredibly subtle in design. While this lighting solution was suitable for many of the rooms within the hospital, those that needed brighter products, such as the ward or treatment rooms were fitted with Quad Panel LEDs, large rectangles of bright light which would bathe anyone underneath them in light suitable for check ups and medical procedures. The panel is also colour changing, allowing daylight to flood the room or a darker hue which can be more relaxing.



Also used throughout the building were TRAKK Tube Led Decorative lights which shine a spotlight onto a desired area. This product comes with separate colourings and dimming options to give the user full control. Further to the TRAKKs, Southgate also used Haylo LED Adjustables which are downlighters to cast attention towards a specific spot.



Hospitals must always be clean, and this concept has been successfully applied to Southgate’s project here at the Bradford Infirmary. The group have brought in practical and in some instances, stylish lighting that has allowed patients to be treated under highly effective lighting solutions.

About the project, Sales Representative Guy Stuart said:

“It was a pleasure to work on the new CCU at Bradford Royal Infirmary, incorporating our Rapid Response System which is proven to help the patients recover faster and provide them with the comfort they need via a full KNX system.”


For more information about this and many of their other success stories, visit Southgate’s website:

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