ACDC Lighting’s display work is designed to stand out from the crowd even on Europe’s busiest shopping street.

Everything they do is put together at their UK headquarters, in the northern village of Barrowford in Lancashire, and it’s all with the customer in mind.

ACDC strive for excellence to the last detail, aware that their output will be installed in tricky environments, and are independently tested to certify their performance.

Technical and design teams constantly focus on researching fresh methods, materials and technologies with materials, machinery and skilled assembly lines delivering new products.

Nothing more pleasing for the company is when they get a chance to showcase their skills and products which, in this instance, came on London’s iconic Oxford Street.

Their brief was to unify a block on buildings on the road from the front, with the emphasis on a system that would light up their facades and make for a unique presence at night.

It would have to fade into the development’s background by day, so unsightly cabling was out of the question. It was on the drawing board, with careful planning, where this was first achieved.


Detailed cable mounting plans with subtle routes for the location of each fitting preceded extensive lighting trials. Designs included 2D Photoshop visuals.

All fittings that can be seen are RAL finished to match their mounting surfaces, so are hard to spot. Cables have been concealed from direct view.

The glare snoots emulate the fittings and the internal louvre is matt black and positioned according to viewing angles, so glare control is minimal.

Red brick vertical features are highlighted by warm 10 degree Plaza fittings in 2700K, which makes the wall really glow.

Narrow beam uplighting is projected just right to ensure the right amount of shadow and highlight, without losing contrast.

Window reveals and wider features are lit with spread 12 x 40 Plaza 10 fittings, while horizontal lighting is provided by Fino to link and unify the verticals.

The lighter stone building within the estate, which has dark stone columns, has been equipped with 3000K Plaza 10 fittings to stay true to its white colour tone and become a feature in itself.

It’s certainly a display to look out for after dark, if you are one of the half a million daily visitors taking a trip down the West End. You’ll find more than just the stores.

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