Taking one of a city’s most iconic landmarks out of the dark ages to a tight schedule wasn’t a bridge too far for Acdc Lighting.

Acdc strive for excellence to the last detail, aware that their output will be installed in tricky environments, and are independently tested to certify their performance.

Technical and design teams constantly focus on researching fresh methods, materials and technologies with materials, machinery and skilled assembly lines delivering new products.

Nothing more pleasing for the company is when they get a chance to showcase their skills and products which, in this instance, took them to Croatia.

The main pedestrian bridge in Osijek spans the Drava River and first opened in 1981, before it was completely renovated in 2007.

It underwent another transformation through a dynamic full colour display from Acdc, as part of the design to make the structure a highlight of the city.

It was funded by a Coca-Cola marketing campaign, to mark 50 years of production in Croatia, and required Osijek’s citizens to collect 100,000 bottle caps.

The end result came together to put the bridge on the map as a visual force, compared to its contemporaries around the world.

Acdc were instructed to supply the lighting for the bridge after their parent company, the Zumtobel Group, won the contract to design, supply, install and commission the project.

Acdc’s Blade and Fusion LED luminaires took centre stage, working in harmony to make for a spectacular outcome.

The Blade has a mains onboard linear luminaire, which gives off the effect of a wall wash up to eight metres in height.


It’s narrow beam is fully dimmable up from the start to its maximum output, without flickering, through a single combined power and data cable that has loop in and out wiring.

The bridge is 210 metres long and 35m in height, so Acdc’s powerful range of Fusion floodlights were called into play to graze down the pillars that dominate the skyline at either end.

The Fusion is a IP66 architectural floodlight that delivers 2000lm in a single colour, colour change or dynamic white. It’s small, but has a high out of focussed light with minimal pollution.

Effective colour saturation makes for a vivid and consistent display, with a multitude of scene setting combinations possible.

The works were completed to a deadline of just one week, with over 20,000 attending the ceremony to switch on the lights, which were set to red to reflect the Coca-Cola brand.

The Zumtobel Group delivered on their promise and ACDC came to the fore with their input to ensure the people of Osijek weren’t left in the dark. It was a team effort.

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