Whether it’s illuminating a mega-mall, bringing a warm glow to sea baths or lighting a cliff face, Pulsar’s products are making their mark all over the world.

The company has nearly 50 years of experience within the lighting industry and their roots remain in Cambridge, where production is based, but their work can be seen worldwide.

Architectural and entertainment sites around the globe have benefitted from Pulsar’s LED lighting knowledge, which has been at the forefront of their technologies since 2003.

The Seef Mall was the first of its kind in Bahrain when it opened 20 years ago and it’s stood the test of time as an attraction for international stores and entertainment.

The mall stands out in the Seef district because of its distinctive appearance and bright open spaces, laid out over 135,000 square meters.

Locals and visitors alike enjoy shopping at outlets ranging from budget to high end, eating at two food stores and catching a film at either of the two cinemas on site.

Pulsar were enlisted by one of their partners in Bahrain, Elames Lighting, to supply external lighting for the large facade of the mall.

The Luxeos 18 product from Pulsar’s flagship Luxeos Range has a 40 degree beam angle for maximum uniformity, but also provides an array of colours with ultra-smooth dimming.

The fixture for the luminaire incorporates the latest quad core LED technology and has been passed the torch by Pulsar’s Chroma Flood 200, the previous fitting there.

The installation goes through a Pharos PTC control system which times events and gives remote access, with a simple user interface that can be adapted easily.

Pulsar’s experience in the Middle East gives them the professional experience to provide solutions that withstand the heat, humidity and dusty environments of the atmosphere.


The conditions of the St Kilda Sea Baths in Melbourne, Australia, had to be taken into account, too, along with making the frontage a highlight of Jacka Boulevard.

High-quality coloured lighting now enhances the beachfront location and has brought the heritage listed turrets and historic building to life.

It’s marina setting requires ocean level processes that stand up to the challenges of wind and salt water, with marine grade safety rated goods.

RTP Productions assisted Pulsar with the design and installation to a cost-effective budget, but it’s the products that ensure optimum performance.

Eight Chroma Flood 100 Tri Colour bulbs were placed around the turrets, for even light distribution, and two have 25 degree lenses to give off a full wash effect of the inside.

Two more face each other on the fascia to evenly illuminate the long front. The colour scheme goes through a Smartshow DMX recorder, operated from a laptop or iPhone.

The Sea Baths can now be turned pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, red for World Aids Day or red, white and blue for St Kilda’s Aussie rules football team.


Lighting a cliff face in Mallaig, Scotland, was a safety first affair for Pulsar, who put together the most robust of solutions to cope with harsh extremities.

The previous set up had seen the units fall one by one, when they were meant to catch the eye of boats and ferries passing through the marina.

Pulsar had a limited of field if between 0.5mm and 2m to keep away from the natural rock face, which varies in height.

Illuminating the rock face, trees and shrubbery along an 80m distance was the brief of what had to be achieved, after a detailed site survey and inspection.

After the tests, it was the client who picked 15 Luxeos 9 RGBw fixtures, which are fully RDM and DMX compatible but have all-important anti-corrosion treatment as standard.

A carefully selected beam angle with an excellent output was commissioned and programmed by Pulsar in house and installed by a local electrician.

Through an OS1 controller, individual units can be controlled and, at the touch of a button, scenes and sequences can be selected.

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