Bisca: Contemporary Oak Staircase, Yorkshire

Today it is essential to provide the environment in which you live with a concept that has been changing over time: comfort. The interior designer must then be attentive to the different variables that make up the universe of architectural space: functionality, lighting, morphology, materials, etc.


At present, we live surrounded by architectural styles that are complemented by an interior design that perfects aesthetically each place, which has generated that is of utmost importance.

They may look like a simple set of steps, but staircases have acquired an important role at a technical and aesthetic level within a house, hence the importance of the design of the stairs in today’s interior design. Bisca are designers and manufacturers of bespoke staircases, balustrades and  other  architectural  features for residential and commercial clients. Contemporary or traditional materials meeting the aesthetic preferences, practical requirements and budget.

The main difference really is in the detail, a Bisca staircase starts with a blank page and a client’s brief. Bisca allow their designers complete freedom to treat each project individually, not restricting designs around a range of existing stock or common parts.

From  concept  design  to  installation,  through  a  rigorous  design  process,  a  completely  bespoke  and  unique  staircase  is  created  to  integrate  perfectly  with  the  property  it  is  designed  for.  All  materials  and  components  are  individually  sourced  by  project  and  all  commissions  are  hand  built  in  Bisca’s  Yorkshire  workshop  for  clients  both  nationwide  and  globally.

Bisca portfolio of bespoke staircases and balustrades includes everything from single flights of straight stairs to multi-flight helical stairs. The brand have earned a reputation of being able to execute challenging and complex stair designs for even the most awkward of spaces.


Case Studies: Contemporary Oak Staircase, Yorkshire

A contemporary oak staircase inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh that won Best Product Design at the 2016 Northern Design Awards in November.

The staircase is located in a new build property in West Yorkshire and its contemporary design is supported on structural glass balustrading takes pride of place in a new build property in West Yorkshire.

Flared features treads provide a welcome at the foot of the staircase, whilst feature newels guard each side of the stair. The main theme for the entrance hall was flow of light, so pale oak and low iron glass were the obvious choices.

The main flight splits into two shorter flights at the top left or right depending on the direction of travel around the galleried landing. Sweeping white plastered soffits blend into the ceiling.

The project also included landing gallery noses, balustrading and a magnificent glass roof to the first floor. The roof light also acts as a glass floor to the second floor. The large aperture allows light to flood down from the skylight through to ground level lobby. Overhead the lobby and staircase, the panelled roof light add a touch of drama.

The element of design in this project is very strong and has become in a firm favourite with editors.

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