Ansell Lighting Gives Vue Cinema Preston A Lighting Revamp Worthy Of Hollywood

As part of the redevelopment of Vue Cinema in Preston’s Capital Trade Park, Ansell Lighting was given the task of revamping the exterior of the building. With the brief received Ansell Lighting started work on modernising the exterior


The results demand attention creating a futuristic and majorly impressive effect, framing the building to look almost like a screen in itself.   


To achieve this Ansell Lighting design team doubled up their Concho LED strip to illuminate the buildings outer edges. The tailor-made approach to Concho allows the strip to be cut into any length up to 50m in their 3000k and 4000k variations. Concho’s high output allows the light to pierce through the open environment regardless of conditions.



Concho LED strips also allows versatility and creativity in its application. Available in cool white, warm white or RGB a fully customisable light plan can be achieved. With style, performance and reliability at the heart of Ansell Lighting’s Ethos, Vue Cinema Preston has a futureproof solution with Concho LED lifespans being 3500 hours.     



This revamp has created a striking and awe-inspiring effect usually reserved for the action and sci-fi films shown on the screens inside rather than on the approach to the venue.


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