ALD Shed Light on the World’s Gifted Musicians

The notorious playwright William Shakespeare once described music as, “the food of love”, but who plays the music and where do they develop their talent? At the Yehudi Menuhin school in Surrey, the most gifted young musicians from all around the globe gather to develop their skills. The school specialises in developing talent on stringed instruments as well as piano but what happens when the lighting is too gloomy to read the sheet music? You’re A sharp can quickly become flat and that golden piece that you’ve spent hours rehearsing, can suddenly sound strained.



ALD were called in to transform the environment into a lighting haven. They had to keep all aesthetics in-tune with the rest of the building and it looks like they succeeded.

The task that ALD came up against was that each room had a ceiling which varied in height. Some would be higher, some lower, this is perhaps due to the acoustics necessary in each space. The local M&E consultant who approached ALD wanted the Eastbourne-based lighting solutions company to develop a continuous LED trough system which could be mounted by pendent or on the ceiling surface itself. With higher ceilings having a pendent fitting and lower ceilings surface fitting, each room looked to have the same light level.



Giving further details about the project, ALD said, “The Indirect portion allowed a wide-angle lens to wash as much light uniformly onto the ceiling”, and “We also incorporated all the emergency standalone LED’s within the dummy sections along with the DALI programmable sensors.”


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